Solar Power Plant

Solar Power Plant


  • Photovoltaic Cell is converting solar light into electrical energy and generating DC power.
  • DC Power generated by PV cells is supplied to inverter which converts it to AC power.
  • Inverter supplies AC Power to application as per requirement.
  • Solar Grid connected power plant will supply additional generated power to Grid which is credited in next bill.
  • Solar Power Plant with battery backup is available which will stored additional power and supplied it to as and when require during night time for residential application.
  • Many home appliances or equipment’s, simultaneously can be operated with Grid connected solar roof top power system.
  • Additional power required for operation of equipment will be taken from Grid when Solar Power is not sufficient. Hence all equipment’s operates without any trouble.

Government support for Solar Roof Top Power System


  • Central Govt. MNRE will provide 30% Subsidy.
  • State Govt. will provide Rs. 10000/- for 1 kW Solar system and Rs. 20000/- for 2 kW & more
  • Fixed same price for all contractors who wants benefits of subsidy
  • Additional power generated during holidays or due to outing will be credited for future utilization.
  • Solar Roof top capacity maximum upto 50% of sanctioned load for Industrial & commercial buildings.
  • Bi-directional meter / Net-meter will be used for net import and export measurement of electricity. DISCOM will supply the meter to approved contractor after GEDA approval of the solar roof top power project.

Advantages of Solar Power Plant

  • Return on investment in 4-5 years.
  • Residential Application : Central Govt. Subsidy 30% & State Govt. Subsidy Rs. 10,000 for 1 kW Solar Roof top system and Rs. 20,000 for 2 kW & higher ratings.
  • Industry Application: 40% accelerated depreciation in 1st year & 40% accelerated depreciation in 2nd year can be claimed.
  • No input cost for power generation and available in infinite amount.
  • No moving parts, hence maintenance cost is very low. Only regular cleaning of panel is required.
  • Long life (20 to 30 years) and high reliability.
  • Quick installation, modularity & integration.
  • Highly acceptable in industry as well as residential application.
  • It can be also installed at the point of application.

Our Services

  • Feasibility studies for solar power plant application.
  • Solar Power Plant consultancy services for design, sizing and specification of equipment’s.
  • Solar Power Plant EPC services for industrial & residential application on grid & off grid.
  • Solar Power Project Finance