Our Company

We are professional engineer having 15+ years of experience in product Research & Development using latest technological design tools CFD & FEA. We have developed and worked on wide variety of product like Pumps, Hydro Turbine, Water cooler, Electric Motor, Pressure vessel, Heat Exchanger etc. We are having capability to develop customized product as per customer requirement and deliver end to end solution from design to manufacture.

Our focus is the development of reliable & high performance product. Our methodology is a highly focused approach that prioritizes features and functions of product and services in terms of the business value they represent – Cost Saving and Rate of Return.

We partner with our client and create common understanding on what is to be built to keep from wasting time and money. We are also having collaboration with European company H2O Energija, Slovenia, for high efficient Hydro Turbine design.

Encore Technology Solution

Founder: Kiran Patel

Education: Graduate Mechanical Engineer from Pune University.

Experience: 15+ Years of experience in Pump, Hydro Turbine design and development at M/s Alstom Hydro R & D India Ltd & M/s Jyoti Ltd. During this tenure, we have develop the Francis, Kaplan & Pelton turbine.

H2O Energija

Founder: Matej Bucan

Education: B. Sc.

Experience: 10+ Years of experience in Hydro Turbine design and development at M/s Turbo Institute. During this tenure, he has developed the wide variety of Francis, Kaplan and Pelton turbine. Also he has worked from model design to model testing.