Product Development

We are providing complete product design, development and engineering solution to various industries using latest technological tools like CAD/CAE/CFD/FEA. We have provided our services to various industries like Pump, Hydro Turbine, Steam Turbine, Pressure Vessel, Heat Exchanger, Elevators, cryogenic equipment manufacturer etc.

Product & Technology development using state of the art Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)



Computational fluid dynamics or CFD is science of predicting fluid flow. Claude Louis Marie Henry Navier (1785-1836) and George Gabriel Stokes (1819-1903) introduced viscous transport into the Euler equations, which resulted in the Navier-Stokes equation. This forms the basis of modern day CFD. CFD can provide detailed information about what is happening in a process where fluid is in motion. The technique is very powerful and spans a wide range of industrial and non-industrial applications.

Present day- recent advances in computing power, advanced computer graphics and robust solvers make CFD a cost effective engineering design tool. CFD is very effective design tool especially turbo machinery components (Pump Impeller, Volute, Diffuser, Return vane, Hydro Turbine runner, Spiral Casing, Guide vane, Draft tube, Compressor, Steam Turbine, Gas Turbine) which is used by R & D department of all modern day turbo machinery manufacturers of the world. Also our methodology of CFD which is used for product development is validated with experimental result.

Pump Industries


Market of pump industries is very dynamics in nature and customer requirement is always changing. Demands of customer are increased a lot which enhance the challenges of Pump manufacturers. Pump design & development using Computational Fluid Dynamics is beneficial to Pump manufacturer to overcome certain challenges i.e. Pump Performance, Cavitation free pump operation. CFD is also enhancing product life cycle and significant value addition to customer by reducing energy cost.

Our services to Pumping Industry


  • Problem solving of Present product: Pump performance, Cavitation, Unstable Pump Characteristics.
  • Range Extension of present product portfolio.
  • New Product development (Entire Family of Pump) using state of the art technology CFD. Customized R & D and Know-how generation for future vision of organization.

Hydro Power Industries


Hydro Power industry deals with major challenge as the demands of customer for higher power production which brings customization of each project. Hydro Turbine developer in the world is using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) technology for new development of turbine as per customer requirement. Hydro Turbine development using CFD is expedient to reduce the product development cycle time as well as cost and also performance of turbine can be match according to customer requirement.

Our services to Hydro Power Industry


  • We are providing proven and tested Hydro Turbine design (3 m to 300 m Head range, 100 kW to 10000 kW Power) as per customer project requirement.
  • Complete Design & Engineering Services (Mechanical design, 3D Models, Manufacturing Drawings, Assembly Drawings etc.) for all types of Hydro Turbine.
  • New Product development (Francis, Kaplan & Pelton Turbine) using state of the art technology CFD.
  • Problem solving of Present product: Turbine performance, Cavitation
  • Customized R & D and Know-how generation for future vision of organization.

CAD/CAE Services to Industry


We are professional engineering consulting firm that provides CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) services to the wide variety of industry segments. We have been highly successful in obtaining effective solutions for wide range of problems by applying latest Computer Aided Design, Engineering and Analysis tools. This supports us to provide the reliable, efficient and accurate product design solution to industry. We are committed to provide quality services as per the standards and ensuring high degree of customer satisfaction.

FEA Analysis

  • Static/Dynamic
  • Linear/Non-Linear
  • Modal and Frequency Response
  • Thermal
  • Electro-Thermal Analysis

3-D Modeling

  • 2D-3D Conversion
  • Part modeling
  • Surface modeling
  • Assembly of Product


  • Manufacturing drawing
  • Assembly drawing
  • Plant layout drawing

Our Expertise

  • Type of Pump design by us :
    • Vertical Turbine/Submersible Pump (Application: Water Supply, Irrigation, Power and Oil & Gas).
    • End Suction/Process Pump – As per API-610 (Application: Domestic, Process Industries).
    • Double Suction-Horizontal Split Casing Pump (Application: Water Supply, Irrigation, Power and Oil & Gas industries).
    • Multistage Diffuser Pump (Application: Domestic, Power and Oil & Gas Industries).
    • Any other specialized Pump as per customer requirement.
  • Design of Hydro Turbine (Francis/Kaplan/Pelton) for entire specific speed (Nsq) range.
  • Pump Sump/Forebay design as per HIS Standard and evaluation of design by CFD.
  • Wind Load analysis and drag coefficient evaluation for different shape (Application: Telecommunication, Auto mobile etc. ).
  • Water-Oil-Gas Multiphase Separation & Multiphase flow analysis
  • Electromagnetic Design & Analysis of motors and generators.
  • Water Hammer Transient Analysis for Pipe line network.
  • Pressure Vessel Design and Engineering
  • Piping Stress Analysis